Disclaimer: Past results are not a guarantee of a specific outcome for your case. The facts and circumstances of each case are different and these verdicts, while accurate, do not represent, suggest, imply, or predict the outcome in any other case.

Family Law

In March 2013, Attorney McCollam was successful in her fight to transfer custody from Mother to Father after Mother moved out of state.

In April 2013, Attorney Foster convinced the court to award sole legal and physical custody of a three-year old to her aunt and uncle over the objection of her birth parents.

In July 2014, Attorney Foster obtained award of over $57,000 for her divorce client as a result of her husband’s cruelty.

In October 2015, Attorney McCollam persuaded a court to award 50/50 physical custody of a child whose mother relocated to another state.

In December 2015, Attorney McCollam successfully reunited a child removed by Child Protective Services to the parent.

In February 2016, Attorney Foster obtained a change of custody for her client, the Father, after mother refused to allow him to visit with the children.

Criminal Defense

In August 2014, Attorney Foster represented a juvenile charged with two felony pornography charges. She obtained a deferred imposition of sentence and the charges were later dismissed.

In January 2015, Attorney Foster represented a juvenile accused of aggravated sexual battery of another juvenile. After a trial, her client was found not guilty.

In October 2015, Attorney McCollam represented a client charged with DUI 2nd within 5 years (requiring a mandatory minimum jail sentence), Refusal to Consent to a Breath Test, Consuming Alcohol While Driving, and Improper Stopping on a Highway. The DUI was reduced to Reckless Driving with no jail time and the remaining charges were dropped.

In March 2016, Attorney Foster’s client was charged with strangulation and domestic assault & battery. The strangulation charge was dropped and her client was found not guilty of the assault and battery.

Traffic Law

In March 2016, Attorney McCollam’s client’s speeding ticket of 22 miles over the speed limit was reduced to a non-moving violation, saving him demerit points and insurance increases.